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The ContractDB site is now closed. Frank Vipond. February 2011.

This Web site is now closed. I owned and ran from 2000 to 2010. ContractDB (abbreviated CDB hereafter) helped IT contractors/consultants secure assignments direct (no recruitment agents) with clients. The site was not free. Clients paid a one-off fee of £1250 if the introduction worked well - 'pay only if satisfied'. IT consultants paid nothing. CDB was driven by a database of IT members - with a search engine to find IT people on various criteria. It was never a database of job vacancies. I helped all clients personally i.e. mostly used the search engine myself to locate members who might be suitable/interested for particular client requirements.

CDB attracted good support from IT people - if only because they liked the simple site design and trusted me as a fellow IT professional with a very fair business proposition. CDB attracted reasonable business from clients. The only way the site was promoted was through Google AdWords. I refused, for example, to pillage client references in CVs for potential client contacts. CDB was reasonably successful. It more than covered its costs. The success rate for clients was high - around 75%. However it was never going to be a big site.

I decided to close CDB in February 2011 because I am nearing retirement. In line with the very strict privacy policy on the site (see below), I could do nothing further with the underlying member details - database and CVs - except purge them. Anyway I doubted I could find someone to run it on the same ethical basis as I did.

I would like to thank all the people who supported the site in the 10 years it ran. It was always a relatively sideline business for me. But it was a lot of fun and I collected a lot of '"thank you's" along the way.

Privacy Statement from ContractDB

We respect your privacy completely. You give us your information in trust - we do not own it and we have no right to it other than as custodian.
We are registered as a Data User in terms of the United Kingdom Data Protection Act (2002). This guarantees your right of access to any information we hold about you.
In addition to your rights in terms of this Act, we view your personal details as strictly confidential. We will not make any information we have about you available to anyone except registered users of our Web site and other parties where we are required to do so by law.
We will only contact you (by email, fax, letter, telephone) as and when required to support your existing business with us. At any time you may instruct us to cease contact with you - on any topic and/or by any means of communication - and we will respect your request.
You have the right to know exactly where and how we record information about you, whether on computer or manual records. Subject to legal constraints (e.g. retention of legally binding contracts), you have the right to ask us to destroy these records completely.
We believe the above is simply good business.

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